Journey To The Pinnacle Of Success

AuroIN, a reckoned organization in the digital marketing industry has shown commendable advancements in the near future and brought forth heaps of changes in the general perceptions of people that the temple city of Bhubaneswar carried. Traditionally deeply rooted to its core, the city lacked the new innovative concepts of business that were taking the globe by a storm. AuroIN took this dauntless initiative and today stands aloof for supporting the largest digital marketing industry in the country.

AuroIN visualized its dawn in the ideas of a person who showcased an unbeatable energy and chivalry to give his dreams an image, a physical existence that flaunts his undying efforts to bring about a change in the ongoing corporate scenario. This prestigious enterprise owes its every brick to the quick wit and strategic notions of its Chairman, Mr. Annada Padhy. Letting out vast statements of his achievements may appear a mere exaggeration so why not consider a short biography of his success journey through one its very first clients Mr. David.

Back in 2004, when I first met Annada his gross earning was less than $100 per month (in terms of USD). Dwelling in the suburban regions of the cultural state of Odisha, where an access to the internet was an unbeatable achievement, he was looking for directory submission and I must say that it was sheer luck that paved his way towards me. He worked with utmost diligence and proved a helping hand to me in submitting a list of directories that numbered a high 200. He rechecked them to sort out which directories had added the links twice and then reported back the results with a neat Excel spreadsheet. The entire work involves hours of vigorous work but what amazed me was the price he charged for the entire work - $20. This was my very first interaction with this pillar stone of the now reputed company, AuroIN that stands high on the relentless efforts of his wife and him.

Several directories rolled out with the ticks of time and quite soon they reached a point where they had to hire a few people to keep up with the challenges raging at them. I had periodic conversations with Annada and was only glad to reckon his idea assuming a shape, with him employing a group of 80 people within the span of a few months. Given to my own business commitments I missed out on the periodic chats but was only overwhelmed to know that this one man army had indeed taken a stand and had now raised their banner of earnings to $300/month. It was indeed amazing to know that directory submission had transformed his life to an unimaginable extent besides providing a proper means of living to many.

A recent chat with an Indian entrepreneur online, brought back flashing memories of my first ever acquaintance with Annada and I drilled out time to browse through his website that flared up pics of him accompanied by his staff. The company now had officers, a morning and an evening crew and three different offices. Annada had finally come in pace with the speed of the industry and I decided to send him an email only to know that he was coming down to San Francisco to attend a convention that involved people from his part of the country. He was keen enough to meet and fixed up a date in the last week.

We met at the hotel on the 4th of July, toured the Stanford University campus with his accomplices and had dinner in Palo Alto. With utmost determination and will Annada related his story of how he presently houses more than 400 employees and his ambitious plans to double the number within a year. A majority of his business revenues owe to Americans who resell his services besides being involved in the digital marketing work of several sites ranking in top 1000. While directory submission continues to cover a vital part of their business they have also come up with other services like on page SEO and other link building techniques.

It's bewildering to see the gigantic growth of Annada from less than $100/month to an unbeatable position in the digital marketing forum of the country, India. Employing over 400 employees all working under one roof and reaping out five to ten times more than what he had started with, Annada has not only evolved his professional status but has also geared the personal lives of countless others.

Annada emphasizes that at AuroIN, employees are involved in scoring pages based on a variety of factors that is done regularly throughout the week. Proper categorization of links, writing unique titles and descriptions based on a real review of the site and adding quality content ensures the top ranking of a directory. His team of professionals starts new digital marketing link building job at the top of the list, giving their leads the best links foremost.

Their crave for quality more than mere quantity is surely a mantra for their success.