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Creating a company and managing it properly, is an audacious job. It is not about quarterly or annual profits, nor it is about employees getting their salary on time. There is a lot more to it. Some companies have managed to do more for their employees and this has made them stand out above all others. They've got everything a person could find in an standard corporate environment such as opportunities, benefits, strong leadership, work-life balance, compensation and more. AuroIN is one such organization that has worked immensely over the years to provide its employees a great place to work. It still leave no pages unturned, even after being one of the fastest growing online marketing company in the world.

AuroIN is well-aware of the fact that creating a company that is a great place to work is critical. The founder(s), administration and management have a clear vision of what the company is, what are the plans for the future, what it has to offer, its strength and core area of expertise. The community-like environment makes every employee feel comfortable and productive.

The following aspects make AuroIN stand out above all others:

Annada Prasad Padhy

Chairman and Managing Director

Education: Received a B.Sc. in Botany from the University of Berhampur and his IT and management education at GNIIT.
Experience: 15 years in Internet and Search Marketing technologies.
Career goal: To continue to learn as an entrepreneur, create an environment and space for community business growth, and inspire and educate our future leaders!
Life Goal: He would like to travel and experience numerous cultures, to be a great citizen of the world!
Residence: He currently resides in Bhubaneswar, India with his wife, two children and parents.
Interesting Fact: He has lived in 6 cities and 10 homes all across the state. He enjoys ice cream and shrimps .. together! He follows yoga surya namaskar techniques everyday. Read More

Annada Prasad Padhy
Annada Prasad Padhy